Trap Music Museum Expands Into A Digital World


The Trap Music Museum in Atlanta aimed to expand its reach and engage a wider audience by embracing the potential of virtual experiences. They sought a solution that would enable them to build a virtual world and create a digital twin of the museum, enhancing accessibility and immersing visitors in a captivating online environment.

What we did

Memik Configurator Platform proved to be the ideal solution for the Trap Music Museum’s goals. Leveraging this powerful platform, the museum successfully built out a virtual world, allowing visitors to explore its exhibits and experience the essence of Trap music online. The digital twin of the museum was meticulously crafted, replicating the physical space and its intricate details.

In addition to the virtual world and digital twin, Memik Configurator Platform facilitated the autogeneration of avatars that could be strategically placed throughout the virtual environment. These avatars added interactivity and engagement, allowing digital visitors to interact with virtual guides and experience personalized interactions.

Our results

The integration of Memik Configurator Platform transformed the Trap Music Museum’s online presence and opened doors to unlimited possibilities. The virtual world and digital twin provided a dynamic and immersive experience for visitors, regardless of their physical location.

The virtual world, accessible through the provided link, offered a seamless exploration of the museum’s exhibits, enabling visitors to delve into the world of Trap music from the comfort of their homes. The digital twin, showcased via the Matterport link, offered a lifelike representation of the physical space, allowing individuals to navigate and engage with the museum virtually.

By incorporating autogenerated avatars, Memik Configurator Platform introduced a new dimension of interactivity. Visitors could interact with virtual guides and receive personalized assistance, enhancing their understanding of the exhibits and deepening their connection to the museum.

Memik Configurator Platform empowered the Trap Music Museum to extend its reach beyond physical boundaries, engaging a global audience in an immersive and educational online experience. It allowed the museum to maximize performance, refine user experiences, and gain valuable insights through data and analytics.


The Trap Music Museum’s collaboration with Memik Configurator Platform exemplifies the potential of virtual experiences in expanding brand engagement and accessibility. Memik’s innovative platform enabled the creation of a virtual world and digital twin that captivated visitors and showcased the essence of Trap music.

This case study demonstrates Memik’s commitment to empowering businesses to create and manage engaging augmented reality experiences in real-time. Memik Configurator Platform provides businesses with the tools to maximize their brand presence, optimize user experiences, and gain valuable insights to stay at the forefront of their industries.

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memik Configurator Platform

Create and manage engaging AR experiences in real-time, while providing valuable insights through data and analytics, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information is presented to users through wayfinding controls.

The Outcome

By utilizing Memik Configurator Platform, the Trap Music Museum successfully created a captivating virtual world and digital twin, expanding their reach and engaging a global audience. Visitors could explore exhibits and experience the essence of Trap music from anywhere through the virtual world and digital twin. The autogenerated avatars added interactivity and personalized experiences, deepening visitors’ connection to the museum and enhancing their understanding of the exhibits.

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