Augmenting The Trap Museum Experience with Memik ARventure


Memik was presented with an exciting opportunity to bring its innovative product, Memik Live, to the prestigious Stomp Wars National Step Competition. The challenge was to enhance the event experience for participants and spectators by integrating Memik Live’s interactive avatar technology while highlighting the unique step routines and creating special avatars to celebrate the spirit of the competition.

What we did

Memik Live set up a dynamic installation at the Stomp Wars event, immersing participants and attendees in a world where step routines and avatars converged. The step teams from across the United States were invited to collaborate with Memik to create custom avatars that showcased their unique styles and personalities.

During the competition, Memik Live captured the energy and precision of the step routines, using motion capture technology to transform the performances into real-time avatars. Spectators were invited to engage with the avatars, amplifying the excitement and creating a truly interactive experience.

In addition to the competition, Memik Live hosted workshops and career fairs, providing valuable opportunities for participants to explore their passions, connect with industry professionals, and learn about potential career paths in the performing arts and entertainment sectors.

Our results

The implementation of Memik ARventure at Atlanta’s Trap Museum yielded exceptional results. Visitors were delighted by the opportunity to interact with the exhibits in a whole new way. The self-guided tours empowered them to explore at their own pace, while the AR elements brought an added layer of excitement and immersion.

The scavenger hunt for Trap music facts and history added an element of gamification, enhancing the educational aspect of the museum visit. Guests enthusiastically participated, deepening their knowledge while having fun along the way.

Moreover, Memik ARventure enabled visitors to capture their unforgettable moments within the app. The integrated social media sharing feature allowed them to instantly share their experiences with friends and followers, amplifying the museum’s reach and attracting a wider audience to join in the excitement.

Memik ARventure at the Trap Museum not only elevated the visitor experience but also positioned the museum as a leader in utilizing cutting-edge technology to engage and educate guests. The seamless integration of AR transformed the museum visit into a memorable and interactive adventure.


The collaboration bet

Memik ARventure’s implementation at Atlanta’s Trap Museum exemplifies the power of augmented reality to elevate the guest experience at physical locations. By combining self-guided tours, immersive AR content, and a captivating scavenger hunt, Memik ARventure breathed new life into the museum’s exhibits and engaged visitors on a deeper level.

This case study showcases Memik’s commitment to revolutionizing the way people interact with physical locations through the power of augmented reality. Memik ARventure opens up a world of personalized and unforgettable experiences, empowering businesses to create immersive adventures that captivate and inspire their guests.

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memik ARventure

Provides an exciting and interactive way to engage with your customers through branded content with custom avatars in an on-site activation setup, promoting engagement and driving social media shares.

The Outcome

Implementing Memik ARventure at Atlanta’s Trap Museum resulted in an immersive and educational experience for visitors. The integration of self-guided tours, augmented reality exhibits, and a captivating scavenger hunt deepened engagement and enriched guests’ understanding of Trap music’s history. Memik ARventure successfully transformed the museum visit into an unforgettable adventure, leaving visitors inspired and eager to share their experiences.

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