Taking center stage at one of Atlanta’s Milk + Cookies festival

Milk and Cookies is a dessert and music festival based in Atlanta, GA. The festival showcases a smorgasbord of top artists and up-and-coming DJs.

We decided to get our brand out in front of festival attendees physically by giving out merch and virtually by creating Memik avatars for 5 DJs performing at the fest.



memik Lite

Foster engagement and strengthen your brand beyond your four walls by allowing customers to view created content and interact with branded AR Experiences from anywhere.

The Outcome

With over 100 videos created for the event, Memik essentially got the most “stage time”. The videos were also shared to social, guaranteeing an even larger audience.

The exclusive M+C and Memik merch also proved to be very popular, with over 100 shirts handed out to attendees.

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