Unleashing the Power of Memik Live at the Trap Music Museum


Memik was thrilled to launch its groundbreaking product, Memik Live, at the renowned Trap Music Museum in Atlanta. The goal was to showcase the immersive and interactive capabilities of Memik Live while captivating the attention of celebrities, influencers, and investors attending the exclusive launch party.

What we did

To make a lasting impression, Memik implemented a unique approach by creating real-time avatars of popular radio personalities, Ferrari Simmons and Fly Guy DC from 94.5 The Streetz, during the festival. The avatars were brought to life using Memik’s motion capture (mocap) technology, allowing for an engaging and interactive experience.

The Memik Live setup at the Trap Music Museum provided a platform for guests to explore the world of avatars and mocap firsthand. Special guests were invited to try out the mocap technology, further enhancing the excitement and demonstrating the versatility of Memik Live.

Our results

The launch event was a resounding success, generating significant buzz and engagement both during and after the event. Memik captured the highlights of the event, including the mocap action and avatar interactions, in a captivating recap video.

memik Live user content shared on social media platforms, quickly gained traction, amassing over 50,000 views. This reach and engagement showcased the level of interest and intrigue that memik Live had sparked among the audience. The event successfully positioned memik as an innovative and cutting-edge solution for creating interactive avatar experiences.

The impact of memik Live’s launch at the Trap Music Museum extended beyond the event itself. The combination of real-time avatars, mocap technology, and an immersive environment enabled memik to elevate brand experiences to a new level. memik Live opened doors to endless possibilities for brands to engage their audiences, leaving a lasting impact and generating significant online and offline buzz.


The collaboration between Memik and the Trap Music Museum served as a testament to the transformative power of Memik Live. By seamlessly integrating avatars, mocap technology, and a captivating venue, Memik Live created an immersive experience that resonated with guests and showcased the future of brand engagement.

This case study exemplifies Memik’s commitment to revolutionizing customer interactions and driving memorable brand experiences. Memik Live’s ability to merge the digital and physical realms in real time positions it as a game-changer for brands seeking to captivate their audiences and leave a lasting impression.

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memik Live

Provides an exciting and interactive way to engage with your customers through branded content with custom avatars in an on-site activation setup, promoting engagement and driving social media shares.

The Outcome

memik Live content from the event, showcasing the mocap action and avatar interactions, garnered over 50K views, generating significant online engagement and showcasing the immense interest and intrigue generated by memik Live.

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